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    What you need to know about the Dappled Willow...

    Is my Dappled Willow deer resistant?

    Yes! The Dappled Willow is considered deer resistant. However, Bambi gets mighty hungry in the winter and will eat almost anything. So to be extra cautious, put a fence/chicken wire around it.

    Is my Dappled Willow poisonous to dogs?

    No. The Dappled Willow is not poisonous to dogs. Fido will be fine.

    What are the Dappled Willow's light requirements?

    To get the best color, plant your Dappled Willow in full sun. Note: If you have extreme summers, a little shade is a good thing.

    How fast will my Dappled Willow grow?

    Dappled Willows are fast growers so expect your Dappled Willow plants to grow 2-3 feet per year!

    How big will my Dappled Willow get?

    Your Dappled Willow will reach 8-10 feet at maturity.

    Is the Dappled Willow a tree or a shrub?

    The Dappled Willow can be either a shrub or a tree. Our Dappled Willows are all shrubs. However, it's easy to train them into a tree.

    How to train the Dappled Willow shrub into a tree?

    Establish a trunk by removing all shoots from the ground to about 3-4 feet up. Keep this trunk clear of limbs by removing branches 1-2 times per year.

    When should I fertilize my Dappled Willow?

    Fertilize your Dappled Willow early in the spring before any growth begins.

    Can I grow my Dappled Willow in a pot?

    Yes! Your Dappled Willow can be grown in a pot. Just make sure the pot is at least 18 inches deep.

    How far apart should I plant my Dappled Willows?

    If your goal is a hedge, plant your Dappled Willows 4-5 feet apart.

    Will my Dappled Willow tolerate salt?

    Yes! Your Dappled Willow will tolerate salt. So if you're in a cold climate, plant it next to the road and let its light shine!

    How to plant my Dappled Willow?

    Dig a hole 12 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep. Place the roots into the hole and backfill gently. Be careful not to bury the trunk. The bottom of the trunk should be even with or slightly about ground level.